Declaring More Through Worship

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Declaring More Through Worship

This past week we finished our devotional series, "50 Days to More!" As we have been dwelling on what it means to seek after this lifestyle that God is calling us to, there have been several worship songs that have resonated this same message. We believe that God wants to do MORE in us and through us in this season, and we also believe in the power of proclaiming what the Holy Spirit is saying in praise, worship, and prayer.

When we prophetically declare what He is doing and wants to do in this hour as the body of Christ, there is an anointing that rises up. The Holy Spirit uses songs and prayers as tools for us, His people, to make declarations and stand on His promises. Through reading these devotionals and worshipping in my own private time, there have been several worship songs that the Holy Spirit has affirmed this prayer of MORE in me and for our church, over and over again. 

One of those songs has been "There is a Cloud" by Elevation Worship. This song is written inspired by the story of Elijah praying for rain in the midst of a three year drought in Israel. He prayed for rain and asked his servant 7 times to go look at the clouds and see if it was going to rain. Over and over again his servant went out to look, and on the 7th time he finally said, "there is a cloud about the size of a man's hand." It was small in man's eyes, but it was significant to Elijah and all of Israel! (1 Kings 18:41-46)

If you feel like you have been through a drought in the past season of your life, be encouraged by the Holy Spirit that the drought can end now! This new season of 2018 does not have to continue in the same season of drought. If you will seek the Lord, He will send His rain!

Here are the lyrics to this song:
"Hear the Word, roaring as thunder
With a new, future to tell
For the dry, season is over
There is a cloud, beginning to swell

To the skies, heavy with blessing
Lift your eyes, offer your heart
Jesus Christ, opened the heavens
Now we receive, the Spirit of God

We receive Your rain, we receive Your rain

Every seed, buried in sorrow
You will call, forth in its time
You are Lord, Lord of the harvest
Calling our hope, now to arise

We receive Your rain, we receive Your rain
We receive Your rain, we receive Your rain

Like a flood, like a flood
We receive Your love
When You come like a flood, like a flood
We receive Your love

And with great, anticipation
We await, the Promise to come
Everything, that You have spoken
Will come to pass, let it be done!"

The Lord desires to pour out His rain in your life, which includes blessing, increase, and a lifestyle of MORE! He is faithful to keep His promises and His word will never return void. If He has promised you something in the future, believe Him for it! Let it be done. As you pray and seek Him today, receive His rain and receive His love.

One of the lyrics in this song that really sticks out to me after having read our 50 day devotional is Verse 3: Every seed buried in sorrow, You will call forth in its time. Last week's theme, week 7, of the devotion was: Sowing Seeds with Uncommon Expectation. Within that week, we studied about the power of the precious seed. When God gave His son Jesus as a seed into the earth, it was a precious seed. When Abraham was willing to give his own son Isaac as a seed to God, it was also a precious seed. Giving God a precious seed can be painful, because it's a seed that is very valuable to you.

This lyric is such a beautiful reminder that when we are faithful to really give God everything, even the things that are the most precious to us and even sorrowful, He will redeem it and bring something much greater out of it! He is the God of the seed, but He is also the Lord of harvest! He will bring a fruitful harvest with multiplication from the little seeds that we sow.

Get ready to receive His blessings! This is the life of MORE!

- Pastor Meredith Hobbs

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