Creativity: On Attack

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Creativity: On Attack

Welcome to our 2nd blog post in our series on Creativity! Our first post was about how important it is for the body of Christ to embrace creativity. We want to embrace new wineskins and mindsets so we can better reach and equip the next generation! (Read it here!)

However, have you realized that in today's world, our creativity as Christians is being attacked? Satan would love for us to keep the old wineskin, old traditions. So there are many roadblocks that stand in the way of embracing new creative methods to do more for Christ!

Why is our creativity being attacked? Our creativity is being attacked because the enemy knows how powerful and effective it can be!

Divine creativity DESTROYS the work of the enemy and of this world.

The enemy knows that we can’t reach the next generations through traditions, legalism, or stale messages. Therefore any creativity that’s involved with communicating the Word of God, releasing new media, starting new Christian businesses, or creating art that points people to God will never come easily. All these and many more take lots of prayer, brainstorming, and hard work to see them work effectively.

Never take for granted the fact that, you will be fought when you think outside the box. No great idea, business model, or work of art that is memorable or successful has ever come to completion without toil. Great ideas are all around us, but it takes true creativity and discipline to see those ideas begin to take shape.

Also, often the people who will fight you the most when you begin to work through a creative idea will be other Christians. It can be sad, but it’s true. All people at times can be hesitant and resistant to change; it’s our human nature!

We must be careful to first think about God’s perspective on a creative idea, not just our own. If it’s God inspired, then go for it! Push the boundaries, sing the new song, and take the risk. But think and pray it through first! If you are making a change, for the sake of change, it’s probably not God-inspired. Pray it through and be confident of God’s perspective before making a move. An idea that’s not God-inspired will always fall flat on its face.

Our God is creator of the universe, and when He created the world in 6 days that wasn’t the end of His creativity. He wants to keep on creating through us, His creation. But we have to be willing, ready to listen, and ready to obey!

Today, we want to encourage you to take a moment to pray and brainstorm with God about how you could use His divine creativity to reach someone for Christ!