Our Mission

The All In Hernando Movement is a project that was founded by Christians here in Hernando County, Florida who are passionate about seeing God encounter our community. It began as a project of the Creative Team at Family First Church in Spring Hill, FL and quickly spread to the whole church and is spreading throughout the county. Our vision is to see multiple churches in Hernando come together to see revival, restoration, and ultimately a spiritual reformation come alive in this area! God has been bringing together like-minded people who are hungry to experience His presence at a deeper level and who are ready to take His Gospel to all parts of our community and to the world! This movement isn’t about building numbers inside of church walls, but to build THE church in Hernando County to prepare for thousands of people to come to Christ during the days of this End-Time Harvest. Our culture is that of hunger, revival, and refusing to stay comfortable or within the status quo. We were created for more!

This project is about being “All In” with whatever is in your heart and your mind to do on this earth for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ; rising above status quo, beyond the ordinary, and living life to the fullest.
— Family First Website

We're all in

  • With God
  • With our relationships
  • With our passions
  • With furthering the Kingdom