Joining the movement is easy! You don't have to sign-up for anything and you don't have to be a member of our church!


All IN Movement

To join the movement, all you have to do is commit to be "All In" with your lifestyle. This means to realize, recognize, and live out the mandate of Christ wherever you go and whoever you are with. It means to represent Him and hold nothing back, in all areas of your life. To be "All In" with God, your relationship with Him to be the most important thing in your life. To be "All In" in your relationships with others, to be truly there for your family and friends. To be "All In" with whatever your God-given passions are, He put them inside of you for a reason! And lastly, to be "All In" with furthering the Kingdom, for members of our church it's about being a committed member of the family. Ultimately, we are not here to build a single church, but to build the Church in Hernando County which is His Kingdom!